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Exceptions Are What We Need Today

Whats more common in today’s world than the title above is the phrase “You better stop before one of you ruins it for the rest of you.” And that is what is accepted in society. That is what we believe is right and justice. But is it really?

I’m here to change your perspective on that today.

Picture in your mind for a quick moment what it must have been like for Adam and Eve and all their limitless choices they had to choose from.
Picture what your life would be like if it was exactly the way you wanted it. Perfect.

Till they ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.
Now picture life today and all the limits and regulations we have weighing down on our shoulder. Do you believe you can achieve your dreams? Most of us probably don’t.

Adam and Eve are stripped of their rights for being attracted to what we are all attracted to today. So what will life be like a hundred years from now if we keep getting stripped of our rights? We’ll have to be robots in order to survive. Slaves of the wealth system.

How are we going to create a world of opportunity if at the same time we are drawing lines.

There are so many people today that have HUGE potential but corporate people will never give them the light of day. Because they don’t have an education. When they can’t even afford an education. Or a car. Or anything. They come out of high school and are forced to walk to Wal-Mart for an application. And yeah there will be those who say “Well they should have gotten straight A’s in high school and planned ahead!” Well this is my response to that.

The education system isn’t perfect. The Education system is built to wear us down as a matter of fact. With rising intuition cost and competitiveness we have no choice but to stress ourselves out. We feel like we’ll never make it out. And that ‘feeling’ will only make it come true through the law of attraction. Those same people who say we should have been smarter to begin with should think about what they allow in their media. They allow drugs, violence, sex and all things bad to reach the eyes of their children. My five-year old niece came home from school with a pencil that says Dont Do Drugs on it. That’s pathetic putting such things in the reality of the most curious age group. And us trying to “fit in” also leading many in the wrong direction. We only know what we are shown. So those of us who went astray in high school, we didn’t know better. Dont feel guilty for it because that’s exactly what they want us to do so we never move forward.

If we do not wish to see this world decline into the end of its existence then one thing we MUST do is start making exceptions outside of the system. Because the system is built to bring us down.

When your forced to make a decision that is against regulations think about these things, please. Is anyone really going to find out? If they do find out, is doing the right thing to help someone out such a crime? The situation can be explained and if the listener has a heart im sure it wont be a problem. It feels good to do the right thing.

As an example for making an exception i will create the following scene:

A boy (who is 17) drives out-of-town with his mother to visit relatives for a holiday.
After the holidays the mother has to go back work but the boy wishes to stay longer.
So they buy a plane ticket and the mother drives back home.
However, the boys Identification Card is in the car and back home as well.
And he needs this identification to go through security at the airport.
Luckily he happens to find an old i.d from when he was ten in his luggage that hasn’t been used since then.
This i.d has his full name and date of birth. The picture looks just like him with glasses.
He is also wearing glasses the day he takes this i.d to the airport.
All this boy is trying to do is hop on a plane and get back home.
But due to a fake terrorist attack september 11th security is tight.

If you were the lady taking this boys ticket and I.D what would being going through your head when this story is told to you? Is thinking a 17-year-old boy (with an aunt who works at the airport by the way and is with him) is a terrorist really seem logical? Or does it seem like something we’ve been brain washed in. Think about it. And if you are wondering why i said fake terrorist attack click here.

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The Purpose Behind the 9/11 SCAM & Why We Should Forgive

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Septemeber 11, 2001 was a most dificult time for us all. I was only in the 1st grade so i could only imagine what it was like for most older readers. We were all caught up in the moment and we needed someone to tell us what direction to go in. Thats exactly the purpose of 9/11. The goverment knows about high psycology, metaphysics, how the brain works and such. So they thought up a plan to allow their greed and fear to spread far and wide. A plan that would have an entire nation on lockdown in a mental world that would affect the physical world for years to come.
You see, NO ONE like to be told what to do, especially when its not in their best interest. So how is the goverment going to get an entire nation to listen to them? Well Prof. Dalton Kehoe an expert in effective comunications skills says that there is only ONE way to directly tell someone what to do and that is in a crisis. In a crisis we all turn our heads up and listen carefully and we will do just about anything we’re told to do.

Most would probably know that the middle east is full of the over vaulued oil that runs this world. But, that is not our territory so we now we need an excuse to go over there. So how about we stage a crisis and pick a fight to make some money! Whenever there is a war, many people make money. And TONS of it. People who make weopons and do the cleaning up mainly. Here are some Iraqi investors to name a few:

    • Halliburton


According to MSN Money, Halliburton’s KBR, Inc. division made government agencies $17.2 billion in Iraq war-related revenue from 2003-2006 alone. The payoff is said to have funded the construsction and maintencance of military bases, oil field repairs, and various infrastructure rebuilding projects. across the war-torn nation.

  • Veritas Capital Fund/DynCorp


A partner of Exxon-Mobil (one of the top most viscious corporations) being the number 2 profiteer in the Iraq war has ranked in $1.44 billion through its DynCorp subsidiary. The primary service DynCorp has provided to the war is the training of new Iraqi police. With this and other close ties to defense agiences, Veritas Capital Fund and DynCorp are well positioned to capitalize on Iraq even more.

  • Environmental Chemical


All war zones eventually become cluttered with ammunition and broken or abandoned weapons, creating a niche for any company willing to clean it all up. This duty has fallen into the hands of Environmental Chemcial. The California company has stocked $878 million. The company has close ties to several defense agiences and is staffed by graduates of the U.S Navy’s Explosive Ordinance Schools, as well as the U.S Army’s Chemical Schools at Anniston.

  • Aegis


Aegis has made the United Kingdom proud after bringing in a contract to coordinate all of Iraq’s private security oporations. The Pentagon contract is good for $430 million but it has landed in some hot public relations water. The companies decision to contribute to the Iraq war efforts has lead to a rejected application from the International Peace Oporations Association. The independant orgonization does not consider Aegies worth to participate in the Peace and Stability Industry.

These companies are just to name of few of many many more. And all of this is planned years ahead of time. We trained the Iraqi army years ago so we may put up a decent war to put on the news. Our governments leaders are making money on every end of the war. They set it all up. And we all laugh when the blonde models call for “World Peace” on Miss Congeniality. Dont trust the media, yet.

I would like to remind you all now of what i have said previously about the World Leaders. Do not seek revange for what they have done to us. It will only hold us down longer in karma. Forgive them and smother them in love. Think of them as your little brother who never knew better. If you view the situation from an eternal existance, revenge would be completely stupid. Because in the future they will rejoin us as they nor we ever go out of existence. We are all, all that is.  So lets invite them to join us in the reconstruction of the New Earth.

 Now lets go out there and fight for a decent world.

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