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Live for Symphonies

Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi “Symphonies” from Chic & Artistic on Vimeo.

It has been said that in order for you to get what you want you must be in tune with your desires vibratory state. So how does this vibratory thing work? What are vibrations? For starters, there are no two things in this world that are exactly alike. Everything has its own universal vibration or frequency. The simple answer is that all matter including you, me, and the new car you want all have their own special universal frequency. All matter is made up of sub atomic particals that are in constant motion at all times. Gases, solids, liquids all vibrate on different frequencies. Basic science stuff.

Like frequencies attract like frequencies. And they say opposites attract, not true on this level. Think about it. If you threw a party at your home its likely that only your closest friends or people alike would feel most comfortable. Pick different labels of humans at random and think about how comforatable they’d be.

So why is this important to me? If you want good things in your life you have to be able to attract good things and in order to attract good things you have to be good. Wow! That was a brain teaser. Quick fact: thoughts are things. What you think about you bring about. So it all boils down to your thoughts and actions which both vibrate on their very own frequency.

Be conscious of the vibrations you are giving off. Be positive in your thoughts, words, and actions. When you feel on top of the world, hold on to that feeling and act as if all your desires have been accomplished. If you act as if you already have what you desire then you will be on the same vibrational frequency as that of which you desire. And if you are on the same vibrational frequency as your desire then that is what the universe will bring about in a buffer of time.

So there is this principle of life in the Universe, and it is the one living substance from which all things are made. This living substance penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe. We share the whole of this universal mind. All life comes from it and its life is all the life that there is.

This substance creates by thought and it shapes to form of that which it is thinking of. It assumes the the form of that which is held in mind. The thought of a motion causes it to institute that motion. When the this origional substance wishes to create any given form it thinks about all the motions which will produce this form.

Aquireing what you want in life is much simpler than you might think. Be simple, specific, and BE. Do not over think yourself out of things. As humans we tend to complicate things enough that our wishes swoop through the threads of our hair as we turn our backs to something new because our desires took too long to transpire. The simple answer is confirmed by Mahatma Gandi -“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” It all starts with being.

You can create any reality you wish to experience by being, doing then having. You must BE this changed person, DO the things this person would do, all before you can HAVE the relation you are looking for.

For a simple inner guide tune into what this person might think about making certain descions. What might their answers be? What emotions might they show? If they already have their desires what actions will they take?

May you be live in symphonies to be all you can be.

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