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Why do you limit yourself? u7

Do you really want to be a sheeple?

Posted on July 27, 2012

It is paramount right now to stand your ground and think for yourself and stop following the herd. It takes great courage to stand out from the others, to say no I do not believe in what you are saying or trying to promote. So many do want to make waves out of fear of not being liked or accepted. Unfortunately in these times of great insanity if we choose to follow the crowd into the insanity the ending will not be a happy one.

It is so important to wake up and pay attention. Once you become aware of the lies, you begin to see them everywhere at which point you join the others in walking between the worlds. By this I mean you see the lies at the same time you know the truth. It is not an easy path to follow watching the great deception while otherwise knowing the truth. It is frustrating and often creates anger within and there is a great deal to be angry about just now. We must wake up and realize what we had considered our reality is anything but.

Find the strength and courage to face the truth, be your own person and think for yourself. Be proud to be you!For eons we have followed along, unobservant to life’s happenings. Life was good and all seemed to be going well as we followed along being lied to and not knowing it. We even bought into the sick illusion that we were free! Turns out nothing could be further from the truth. Even when we finally awaken to the illusion we call life, many will be too fearful to separate from it and go their own way.

I believe these are the souls who wish to remain in the third dimension and not move on to higher consciousness. Of course this is their choice and all choices will be honored and not judged, all I ask is that you make sure you make the correct choice for yourself.I see quick flashes of the lies as I switch channels on the television and pass by the blathering of CNN and FOX news stations. It truly amazes me to hear the constant drone of Obama versus Romney, the manipulation of information to suit the need. What amazes me even more is knowing the masses are out there falling in step behind this fantasy. There is NO voting that takes place!

We do not choose anybody, they are decided upon by the dark ones, only those willing to go along with the dark agenda get chosen. So why all the hoopla about who did what, who didn’t do what, whose legit and who isn’t? What difference does it make?This two-party squabble is nothing more than a distraction to keep humanity separated and thinking they make a difference when in fact they do not!

If we don’t chose to wake up for ourselves, we need to at least wake up for our children and become aware of what schools are doing to them. Their spirits are being destroyed and their brilliant young minds are being programmed to become consumers and followers. Their creativity is shunned and if outspoken, they will be forced to comply.

The beautiful free thinking minds they came into this world with begin to wither and die and their spirits are sent to prison. We must save our children and save their essence from being controlled.Everyday we hear of new laws being put into place without much opposition unfortunately. These laws are now telling you what you can and cannot eat, what size drinks you can purchase, what kind of clothes you can wear, if you can grow a garden or not, if you can purchase raw milk or not, eat organic or not.

And we call ourselves free?

They slip these laws in continually in the hopes you will become used to having your freedoms taken away supposedly for the good of all. The walls are closing in around everybody and the sooner we realize it the better off we will be in the end, hopefully before the cell doors slam shut with a loud clunk and they keys are tossed away.We are free spirits and children of Creator, we are not the slaves of the dark ones. It is time to fight for our freedom while we still can. We must stand firm in our beliefs of love and peace and the good of all mankind.

We are equal and all worthy and all loving deep within us, but the programming has made us forget who we really are. We are love, we are the light, we are spirits having a human experience, hold tight to these beliefs. Stay strong! Choose to be who YOU want to be, not who you are told to be.Blessings to you all,Visionkeeper

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Exceptions Are What We Need Today

Whats more common in today’s world than the title above is the phrase “You better stop before one of you ruins it for the rest of you.” And that is what is accepted in society. That is what we believe is right and justice. But is it really?

I’m here to change your perspective on that today.

Picture in your mind for a quick moment what it must have been like for Adam and Eve and all their limitless choices they had to choose from.
Picture what your life would be like if it was exactly the way you wanted it. Perfect.

Till they ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.
Now picture life today and all the limits and regulations we have weighing down on our shoulder. Do you believe you can achieve your dreams? Most of us probably don’t.

Adam and Eve are stripped of their rights for being attracted to what we are all attracted to today. So what will life be like a hundred years from now if we keep getting stripped of our rights? We’ll have to be robots in order to survive. Slaves of the wealth system.

How are we going to create a world of opportunity if at the same time we are drawing lines.

There are so many people today that have HUGE potential but corporate people will never give them the light of day. Because they don’t have an education. When they can’t even afford an education. Or a car. Or anything. They come out of high school and are forced to walk to Wal-Mart for an application. And yeah there will be those who say “Well they should have gotten straight A’s in high school and planned ahead!” Well this is my response to that.

The education system isn’t perfect. The Education system is built to wear us down as a matter of fact. With rising intuition cost and competitiveness we have no choice but to stress ourselves out. We feel like we’ll never make it out. And that ‘feeling’ will only make it come true through the law of attraction. Those same people who say we should have been smarter to begin with should think about what they allow in their media. They allow drugs, violence, sex and all things bad to reach the eyes of their children. My five-year old niece came home from school with a pencil that says Dont Do Drugs on it. That’s pathetic putting such things in the reality of the most curious age group. And us trying to “fit in” also leading many in the wrong direction. We only know what we are shown. So those of us who went astray in high school, we didn’t know better. Dont feel guilty for it because that’s exactly what they want us to do so we never move forward.

If we do not wish to see this world decline into the end of its existence then one thing we MUST do is start making exceptions outside of the system. Because the system is built to bring us down.

When your forced to make a decision that is against regulations think about these things, please. Is anyone really going to find out? If they do find out, is doing the right thing to help someone out such a crime? The situation can be explained and if the listener has a heart im sure it wont be a problem. It feels good to do the right thing.

As an example for making an exception i will create the following scene:

A boy (who is 17) drives out-of-town with his mother to visit relatives for a holiday.
After the holidays the mother has to go back work but the boy wishes to stay longer.
So they buy a plane ticket and the mother drives back home.
However, the boys Identification Card is in the car and back home as well.
And he needs this identification to go through security at the airport.
Luckily he happens to find an old i.d from when he was ten in his luggage that hasn’t been used since then.
This i.d has his full name and date of birth. The picture looks just like him with glasses.
He is also wearing glasses the day he takes this i.d to the airport.
All this boy is trying to do is hop on a plane and get back home.
But due to a fake terrorist attack september 11th security is tight.

If you were the lady taking this boys ticket and I.D what would being going through your head when this story is told to you? Is thinking a 17-year-old boy (with an aunt who works at the airport by the way and is with him) is a terrorist really seem logical? Or does it seem like something we’ve been brain washed in. Think about it. And if you are wondering why i said fake terrorist attack click here.

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Both of Us

Your ego is a big part of who you are today. We all have one. But selfishness is leading us in the wrong direction and a lack of this understanding is leading us away from unity. But trust me when i say this, your ego loves you. He is only looking out for you. He wasts to feel safe. He wishes he was strong enough to lift both him and your perfect, pure self that you’ve always wanted to be. He would do all the work if he just knew how. But he has no sense of direction. Love your ego. Show him what if feels like to be home. Light the way for him to come out of the darkness. He might feel like his world is coming to an end because of all he loves will have to go. Like television, lust for money, certain friends, unhealthy foods, social media network posts like “had a blast 2day checking out da babes at da mall”. It’ll all have to go. But when its all over, when you have learned what you came here to learn, you’ll feel like an entire universe.

Now this is only my personal opinion. But i feel like just about EVERYone can relate to what i have to say here. Its a little disappointing that i even have to bring it up, think about it, and a song has to be written about it. There are hundreds of songs with the same message as this one. We hear this message all the time. Even in the silence we can hear it. The voice that speaks to us from the underground. The voice in each of our heads that tells us something is wrong here. Something just doesnt feel write. But then we become hungry, or get bored, or we have to study, work, go to practice or whatever the case may be. Our ego needs to be satisfied. My conclusion is this. There is a trickle in life starting from somewhere. If you climb to the very top of this trickle, the highest point of our current earth civilization. You get to the world leaders. Most think that each country has a different leader and none are connected. But in reailty governments dont even run this world. MONEY runs this world. Corporations, banks, corrupt energy providers, all run this world. They have a media on their side. They have an army. They own the police. They are the 1% and they are ready for class warfare. They control the entire planet. The illuminati. The cabal. Whatever you want to call it. They brainwash us, literally, with television and movies. But we think nothing of it. They create this ego in us that keeps ourselves down. We become greedy. We are competitive. We cant trust our neighbors. We have to keep our doors locked. We are seperated with borders. With religion. We are no longer all family but we have last names, rankings within a family, borders, beliefs, neigborhoods, rivalries, etc that all seperate us from unity. No disrepect to families but if we are all brothers and sister because we all do exists in this universe then we all have a say in everything. Parents not trusting thier children these days is a part of the trickle. We all try to control each other. Were told that someone will always be telling us what to do. And we believe it, then it becomes part of our reality. And we remain lost in this illusion. When will people understand that love truely is the answer. When we try to bring up unity to the government they call us the bad guys. We’re scared of them. They bring up rules and regulations that they have built against us and we say okay, just please dont yell at me. Dont be afraid. They feed off our fear. We all know what we need to do. We all know that we can all use a little change. So lets be the change we want to see. Cant we all just get along. Doing good for yourself is the best way you can do good for everyone. Look inside and see what you find. I can tell you what you will find. You will find nothing but pure love. Now imagine someone who would say thats stupid. I bet you can sense a little tension grow in the center of your head. You can feel your brain compress. Thats exactly what we do to ourselves all day. We make our choices based on the benifit of ourselves in fear of our ego instead of making decisons for the benifit of all with love in mind. You see, when you act selfishly, your brain literally does compress, you put limitations on yourself and you reach a platue. But when you make choices that benifit all your mind expands. You feel on top of the world. And you grow exponetially. There is a saying here on earth. Its goes “home is where the heart is”. Try to think a little of what that really means before you read on. Now ill give you my opinion on it. You can make it yours i you’d like. Ill make it a challange so you dont forget what i have said here today. Home is not a location. It cant be if it’s where our heart is. So where is home? Are we always home if our heart is inside of us? How many places do you feel comfortable? When your comfortable what emotions are you feeling? Is it possible to always feel this emotion? What brings us out of this emotion? Dont let it.

If you have to listen to this song everyday, do so,

J. A. Franco

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Earthship Homes

Click to go to main Earthship website.

All information provided by

These homes that i recently discovered are quite extra-ordinary! It will literally revolutionize the way we live on a planetary scale. They are most affordable, and most earth friendly. I could go into reasons why they aren’t our primary home builders. The most obvious would be because our current home builders would lose tons of money. Its time to let go of our old ways! But lets not focus on the negative here. Let me tell you more about these homes.

The design principles alone will blow you away. So get this, the electricity is supported by wind and sun. The water is stored and filtered from snow and water. The sewage has a sanitary treatment system. Heating and cooling are from the sun and earth. And you can grow your food both outside and inside! Wow. Why havent many people heard about this? So now that you want more information let’s get into details.

  • Electricity

The earthships produced their OWN energy with a prepackaged photovoltaic (sun) and/or wind power system. The photovoltaic panels convert the suns energy into DC current electricity and it is stored in “golf-cart” type batteries. Then some of this DC current is inverted into AC electricity and supplies it to the home. This electricity can be used for washing machines, computers, kitchen appliances, print machines, vacuums and so on which can all be used daily. No electricity is required for heating and cooling. The POM or your Power Organizing Module can even accept electricity from a gasoline generator or inter-tie with the city energy grid.

                                                                                 Solar Panels

                                                      Vertical Axis Dynamo Wind Module

  • Water


Water is caught from the roof with a portable surface. From the roof, the water is then channeled through silt catches into cisterns. The water from the cistern  is gravity-fed into a Water organizing Module with a pump and filter.

Use & Re-use

Water is used in a conventional way such as bathing or washing dishes, except for the toilet. After you take a bath your water will be cleansed a second time in interior botanical cells. Then its third stage will be the toilet for flushing. After it is flushed it is contained and treated (in your very own home) and used a fourth time in exterior botanical cells.

Hot Water

Water is heated with the sun and natural gas. The sun heats the water and the natural gas is only turned on if the water is not hot enough. This is called Gas-on-Demand water heating.

The Water organizing Module

The water from the city, your cistern, and other places can all be linked to your WOM where automated systems can manage your water levels. Filters clean the water for human consumption and use. And when your plumber goes over, they will see what they are used to seeing.

Bottom line: we are in such a water shortage here on planet earth so we need to start practicing the harvesting of water in each individual home. Lets face the facts.

If there are energy shortages, individuals will have water problems.

If there is ecological damage, individuals will have water problems.

If there are economic crisis, individuals will have water problems.

If there are computer glitches, individuals will have water problems.

If there is political turmoil, individuals will have water problems.

If there is war, individuals will have water problems.

  • Heating & Cooling

Earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate.

The planet earth is a thermal stabilizing mass that delivers temperature without wires or pipes. The sun is a nuclear power plant that also delivers without wires or pipes.

The outer few feet of the earth heats up and cools off in response to surface weather. However, deeper in the earth, about four feet and beyond, the temperature is more constant (around 58 degrees). Here, the earth can be used to both cool and stabilize temperature if the home is appropriately designed.

Earthships are thermal mass homes first, passive solar homes second. Therefore, the layout and design of the Earthship can be completely customized to look like any conventional home, and still be sustainable.

  • Food

A fundamental concept of Earthships is that gray water from the sink or tub is recycled and purified by feeding into an indoor planter before being used to flush the toilet.

Earthship create an environment in which plants are not only aesthetic and contributing to the heath of our environment, but are also highly functional and play a direct role in the maintenance of the home.

Having plants that produce food within this environment makes sense and takes sustainable and independent living to another level.

  • Construction Materials

The primary building block of the Earthship are Rammed-Earth encased in Steel Belted Rubber. Or, recycled automobile tires filled with compacted earth materials encased in steel belted rubber to build an everlasting earth brick.  The resulting walls formed are seriously indestructible.

Aluminum cans and glass or plastic bottles can also be used as ‘little bricks’. They are a simple way to create interior walls that come out quite strong as well. The can be used to create colored walls that light shines through.

The creativity that is applicable to put into these homes goes well beyond our current imagination. As most of us have not participated in the building of these homes. You can participate in the building if you like though just click here to learn more about the Earthship Intern Program. Look at the pictures below and let your imagination run wild. Start planning your new home for the New Earth after 2012.

Earthships build faster than the homes we today live in. Now, how are you going to build your earth ship..

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The Greatest Power in Man

It is now an intuitively known fact that the powers and possibilities that are inherent in the mind of man are limitless. This conclusion is based on the discovery that no limit can be found to anything in human nature. This discovery, and the greatest discover in any age, gives us a new concept of ourselves, a concept which when we apply will revolutionize the entire sphere of our thoughts and actions.

Our goals should not be to obtain these powers and put them straight to egotistical use, but to find out what really exists inside of us. Mind power is the greatest of all powers because it allows us to attain all other powers. A major reason that the average person remains week is because he makes no effort to understand the depths of who he really is. He tries to put into action what is on the surface, but is unconscious to the fact that he has automated responses that he can take control of when he digs deep within.

Failure is found when one believes that what exists on the surface is all that exists in man. When the mind discovers that its powers are inexhaustible and that its talents can be developed to the very highest degree you can imagine, then, and only then, will all fear disappear.

It has been said that we are 9/10ths of our environment. That means that our ideas, desires, and motives are suggested by the environment we find ourselves in. That being said, we find ourselves being a reflection of our circumstances instead of being who we truly desire to be. No life is complete until we can have the things that we like. And we can’t have these things until we consciously change ourselves and our environments according to those higher views of ourselves.

We have to accept and be consciously aware that anything external is permitted to impress its likeness on the mind and will influence character, thought, action and living. And when you give such impressions the right away they will actually take control of your life.

It’s really very simple how to avoid unwanted circumstances. You refuse to allow unwanted impressions into your reality from the outside world. A major problem for us in today’s world is that when we receive these unwanted conditions we show emotion and respond to them. Allowing them to exist in our free-willed reality. If it does not exist in your mind, then it does not exists anywhere.

Every mind should be able to be himself, no matter what happens or fails to happen, and every mind should be able to think its own thoughts regardless of anyone elses opinions. This, however, requires a strong character. The coming and going of events and the opinions of others play a large part in molding the thoughts in most minds. But no mind should be molded by such influences unless he accepts those modifications by personal choice.

The mind must be able to choose what is wishes to respond to consciously and perfectly respond when the choice is made. When you actively participate in being aware of your responses you secure your habitual choices and it becomes effortless. You will never be influenced by anything but your own thoughts and you will find much enjoyment in the things you wish to appreciate. The path to such an attainment is a strong, developed character.

To your awareness in self-development,

J. A. Franco

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The Purpose Behind the 9/11 SCAM & Why We Should Forgive

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Septemeber 11, 2001 was a most dificult time for us all. I was only in the 1st grade so i could only imagine what it was like for most older readers. We were all caught up in the moment and we needed someone to tell us what direction to go in. Thats exactly the purpose of 9/11. The goverment knows about high psycology, metaphysics, how the brain works and such. So they thought up a plan to allow their greed and fear to spread far and wide. A plan that would have an entire nation on lockdown in a mental world that would affect the physical world for years to come.
You see, NO ONE like to be told what to do, especially when its not in their best interest. So how is the goverment going to get an entire nation to listen to them? Well Prof. Dalton Kehoe an expert in effective comunications skills says that there is only ONE way to directly tell someone what to do and that is in a crisis. In a crisis we all turn our heads up and listen carefully and we will do just about anything we’re told to do.

Most would probably know that the middle east is full of the over vaulued oil that runs this world. But, that is not our territory so we now we need an excuse to go over there. So how about we stage a crisis and pick a fight to make some money! Whenever there is a war, many people make money. And TONS of it. People who make weopons and do the cleaning up mainly. Here are some Iraqi investors to name a few:

    • Halliburton


According to MSN Money, Halliburton’s KBR, Inc. division made government agencies $17.2 billion in Iraq war-related revenue from 2003-2006 alone. The payoff is said to have funded the construsction and maintencance of military bases, oil field repairs, and various infrastructure rebuilding projects. across the war-torn nation.

  • Veritas Capital Fund/DynCorp


A partner of Exxon-Mobil (one of the top most viscious corporations) being the number 2 profiteer in the Iraq war has ranked in $1.44 billion through its DynCorp subsidiary. The primary service DynCorp has provided to the war is the training of new Iraqi police. With this and other close ties to defense agiences, Veritas Capital Fund and DynCorp are well positioned to capitalize on Iraq even more.

  • Environmental Chemical


All war zones eventually become cluttered with ammunition and broken or abandoned weapons, creating a niche for any company willing to clean it all up. This duty has fallen into the hands of Environmental Chemcial. The California company has stocked $878 million. The company has close ties to several defense agiences and is staffed by graduates of the U.S Navy’s Explosive Ordinance Schools, as well as the U.S Army’s Chemical Schools at Anniston.

  • Aegis


Aegis has made the United Kingdom proud after bringing in a contract to coordinate all of Iraq’s private security oporations. The Pentagon contract is good for $430 million but it has landed in some hot public relations water. The companies decision to contribute to the Iraq war efforts has lead to a rejected application from the International Peace Oporations Association. The independant orgonization does not consider Aegies worth to participate in the Peace and Stability Industry.

These companies are just to name of few of many many more. And all of this is planned years ahead of time. We trained the Iraqi army years ago so we may put up a decent war to put on the news. Our governments leaders are making money on every end of the war. They set it all up. And we all laugh when the blonde models call for “World Peace” on Miss Congeniality. Dont trust the media, yet.

I would like to remind you all now of what i have said previously about the World Leaders. Do not seek revange for what they have done to us. It will only hold us down longer in karma. Forgive them and smother them in love. Think of them as your little brother who never knew better. If you view the situation from an eternal existance, revenge would be completely stupid. Because in the future they will rejoin us as they nor we ever go out of existence. We are all, all that is.  So lets invite them to join us in the reconstruction of the New Earth.

 Now lets go out there and fight for a decent world.

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Live for Symphonies

Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi “Symphonies” from Chic & Artistic on Vimeo.

It has been said that in order for you to get what you want you must be in tune with your desires vibratory state. So how does this vibratory thing work? What are vibrations? For starters, there are no two things in this world that are exactly alike. Everything has its own universal vibration or frequency. The simple answer is that all matter including you, me, and the new car you want all have their own special universal frequency. All matter is made up of sub atomic particals that are in constant motion at all times. Gases, solids, liquids all vibrate on different frequencies. Basic science stuff.

Like frequencies attract like frequencies. And they say opposites attract, not true on this level. Think about it. If you threw a party at your home its likely that only your closest friends or people alike would feel most comfortable. Pick different labels of humans at random and think about how comforatable they’d be.

So why is this important to me? If you want good things in your life you have to be able to attract good things and in order to attract good things you have to be good. Wow! That was a brain teaser. Quick fact: thoughts are things. What you think about you bring about. So it all boils down to your thoughts and actions which both vibrate on their very own frequency.

Be conscious of the vibrations you are giving off. Be positive in your thoughts, words, and actions. When you feel on top of the world, hold on to that feeling and act as if all your desires have been accomplished. If you act as if you already have what you desire then you will be on the same vibrational frequency as that of which you desire. And if you are on the same vibrational frequency as your desire then that is what the universe will bring about in a buffer of time.

So there is this principle of life in the Universe, and it is the one living substance from which all things are made. This living substance penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe. We share the whole of this universal mind. All life comes from it and its life is all the life that there is.

This substance creates by thought and it shapes to form of that which it is thinking of. It assumes the the form of that which is held in mind. The thought of a motion causes it to institute that motion. When the this origional substance wishes to create any given form it thinks about all the motions which will produce this form.

Aquireing what you want in life is much simpler than you might think. Be simple, specific, and BE. Do not over think yourself out of things. As humans we tend to complicate things enough that our wishes swoop through the threads of our hair as we turn our backs to something new because our desires took too long to transpire. The simple answer is confirmed by Mahatma Gandi -“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” It all starts with being.

You can create any reality you wish to experience by being, doing then having. You must BE this changed person, DO the things this person would do, all before you can HAVE the relation you are looking for.

For a simple inner guide tune into what this person might think about making certain descions. What might their answers be? What emotions might they show? If they already have their desires what actions will they take?

May you be live in symphonies to be all you can be.

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If You Never Know Truth, Then You Never Know Love

This song says it all. Im not quite sure why it wasn’t labeled in the media as the modern “Shot Heard Around The World”. But then again, is the media on the side of the people? Or are they scared to break orders because after all, they are too the people.  We need some leaders to step up. Its funny how “YOLO” races across the country, no offesnse Drake im a fan, yet love doesn’t ever make the trending topics.

People these days are too afraid to admit to being a “mama’s boy” because honestly, not many people have ‘respect’ cross their thought patterns  anymore. Everyone is literally addicted to the drama! We feel so socially accepted when we can point fingers at our ex-bestfriend. Though we know the after effect of all our negative decisions before hand, our ego’s reputation is a must to keep up.

And while we’re all here fighting each other, the real terrorits (mostly in the USA, motherland for the cabal) are playing games with toy soldiers, some blocks, a map, and a large pool of billions of investors to fund a war against themselves. “A war is going on but the reasons undercover”.  Go back to cutting your mattreses open and stashing your hard earned cash in there! Our predesendants did it for a reason you know.  Banks are evil. Ben Franklin fought the idea of the federal reserve and, they repay him by putting him on the most valued dollar bill. How thoughtful.

So how about we stop making prisoners feel guilty for being put down their whole lives, going crazy cause no one cared to listen, and getting anal raped. In other words, stop bringing each other down! says it himself, “thats exactly how anglo works operate”.

War is NOT peace! They want us to give up, they’d love to see us all go to prison or die. All anyone has in mind anymore is visons of them living it. Well guess what,  two grass pedals grow where there was once only one. Thats how nature works. Mother Earth can provide for us all, i once read an artical saying there’re enough resources for every family in the world to have a white house. Share the wealth, please. Stop denying thy brother.

Now for the ultimate truth, most likely the last place we’d think to find it, and the place that we deny most. It has been the message since the beginning of time. We are to love one another. And none of this pornhub love that probably first came to mind. But akin, unconditional love.

Theres something very strange going on in the world today, we all get a whiff of it every morning that we get up. We can feel the compression in our undeveloped minds. Im sure you all know by now the reason we see our mothers cry. The selfishness has to stop. Again, were doing it to ourselves. Good news is, we are forgivin by the oh so great almight! Thank you Jesus! So Lets just keep calm, meditate, and let the karma wash away. And then humanity will thrive. Ha.

Some things will have to be given up. Pretty much all the things our ego feeds off of. Mainly the media. Think about how much reality shows have an effect on our american society. Also, think about how ‘scripted’ ‘reality’ shows are. And by who? You know. “Its so provactive, it gets the people going!” -Will Ferrell. They control us more than you can probably concieve. Life seems to a be a little dull at the moment when everyone in the room can predict a “thats what she said” is coming.

So families, please, stop acusing your daughters of having sex, your sons of doing drugs, and your spouses of cheating. The more you bring this up to them, the more it becomes a part of their reality. Which means they proabably are going to do it. Because every force has an equal and opposite reaction, the more you try to control them, the more they are going to do the opposite. It’ll take some time, but its better late than never.

Your welcome stacy 😉

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Peace of Mind for the Truth-Seeker (watch)

Also, when your done, check out the free ebooks i’ve provided to ugrade your conscious awakening.

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